A unique concept, Urban Planet is a place where guests can spend time and find quality merchandise which are trendy and affordable and defines YM Inc. Responding to the modern and busy lifestyle, Urban Planet provides its customers an oasis of light and space showcasing a full range of fashion brands and accessoires. Selecting a diversity of fashion and lifestyles from across the globe, our buyers provide our customers with the finest selection of clothing and accessories. This includes the Brazilian chic style, urban elegance, tropical colors or fabrics from the Far East, Urban Planet has become a reference point in fashion for those looking for a unique shopping experience, filled with the treasures of the world. The cultural diversity is reflected in our range of goods, which attracts the hottest teens and mothers who are looking for fashionable clothes at affordable prices.


Jennifer Miles  
(514) 453 - 5983

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Products and Services

    Clothing for Men / Women
    Bathing Suits
    Make-up / Cosmetics Cell
    Phone Cases
    Accessories (Hats, Scarves, Belts, Handbags and more)
    Shoes / Boots